IMG 2553Animal Cancer Care Clinic (ACCC) located in Florida has been providing an exceptional oncology internship since 2009.  Animal Cancer Care Clinic is a unique cancer center that is comprised of a new, state-of-the-art, comprehensive cancer treatment and wellness center in Ft. Lauderdale and 6 satellite medical oncology practices. The treatment and wellness center houses a CT machine and a 10 mV Varian 2100c linear accelerator with dual photon beam energy, multiple electron beam energy, multileaf collimator and intensity modulation capability.  

Animal Cancer Care Clinic provides 24-hour nursing care and emergency care for existing patients and accepts referral emergency cases as well.  Interns are involved in all aspects of the diagnosis, staging, treatment and management of cancer patients in both medical and radiation oncology. Interns have the opportunity to rotate through the satellite practices and the treatment and wellness center and share emergency duties. The majority of emergencies seen by interns are oncologic emergencies, but ACCC also accepts current Internal Medicine, Cardiology, and Surgery patients on emergency, as well as emergency patients referred to ACCC by their primary care veterinarian.

Interns participate in journal club and case rounds and present Grand Round topics in the field of oncology.  Interns are also encouraged to attend the Veterinary Cancer Society’s annual conference and a stipend is provided to offset some of the costs.  A real strength of our program is the direct, one-on-one instruction with a Diplomate that we provide on a daily basis.  Animal Cancer Care Clinic consists of 5 medical oncologists, one of whom is also board-certified in radiation oncology, and a board-certified surgeon. Additionally, the following specialists are available for in-house consultation for the oncology patients: internal medicine, critical care, cardiology, and ophthalmology.  A social worker/grief counselor is also on staff.

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Animal Cancer Care Clinic Oncology Intern Alumni

2015 – 2014 Dr. Paul Rossman Medical Oncology Residency – Purdue
Dr. Carrissa Wood Medical Oncology Residency – Texas A & M University
2014 – 2013 Dr. Stephanie Byrne Medical Oncology Residency – Royal Veterinary College
Dr. Kendra Lyons Medical Oncology Residency – VCA Bay Area Veterinary Specialists
2013 – 2012 Dr. Candace Pagano Medical Oncology Residency – Louisiana State University
2012 – 2011 Dr. Tanya Gustafson Medical Oncology Residency – MSU/Colorado State University
Dr. Brent Casler General Practice Associate
2011 – 2010 Dr. Rich Segaloff Medical Oncology Residency – VCA Bay Area Veterinary Specialists