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How Do I Feel When I Don’t Know What to Feel?

What are Social Work and Bereavement Services?

SocialServicesThe Department of Social Work and Bereavement Services was designed to address the emotional needs of pet owners coping with pets who have been diagnosed with cancer. This is one of Florida’s first programs of its kind dedicated to addressing the emotional well-being of pet owners.

ACCC strives to provide an informative environment about the human-animal bond and the bereavement associated with this unique companionship. Given the proper tools and information, pet owners are better equipped to cope with their pet’s cancer. Our clinics provide a caring environment and a well trained staff to guide you through these challenging times. It is our goal to ensure the best emotional care during such a difficult journey that will lead to a healthy healing process. We are pleased to offer such services and hope that your experience will be one that is filled with support, guidance, and kindness.

ACCC also recognizes the importance of education within the veterinary world. Our staff is routinely trained in the specific areas of the human-animal bond, the grief process and the coping strategies associated with companion animal loss. With ongoing education, the ACCC staff can provide both exceptional medical care as well as superb emotional support.

What is the Bond Shared Between Humans and Their Pets?

The human-animal bond is the emotional relationship that naturally occurs between humans and their animals. This relationship can be described as a source of strength, security, companionship, and most of all, unconditional love. In many cases companion animals offer a kind of love and affection that is often difficult to develop in human relationships alone. Many individuals view their pets as family members that play an important role in the family unit. This connection is why for many, the illness of a beloved pet can be a devastating experience. The magnitude of grief imposed by such a situation is often determined by the strength of the attachment that has formed. This bond between a pet and its owner is a common and healthy relationship. Having the tools to properly deal with the illness will ensure future emotional health.

What Kind of Counseling Services are Offered at Animal Cancer Care Clinic?

At ACCC we recognize the importance of emotional support for clients and offer individual, family and group counseling. Clients at the hospital can rest at ease knowing we are here to help guide you through this emotional process. Please contact Jodi Levine Timna at (954) 527-3111 for counseling services.

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